tirsdag 26. mai 2009

Løvetann , Dandelion( Taraxacum officinale )

This beautiful yellow flower grows everywere at this time of year. We call it Løvetann and if you should translate it directly to english it would be " Lions thooth" , but the english name is Dandelion . Some think this flower is a unwanted plant in the garden, but I think it is the most beautiful of all the flowers in nature this time of year.

3 kommentarer:

Zannnie sa...

Wow, that's a very beautiful capture of the Dandelion, so yellow!

It is my first time visiting your blog, but it looks fantastic. I hope you will visit our daily photo site at http://www.budapestdailyphoto.com or http://www.singaporedailyphoto.com. Feel free to leave some comments too!

Zsolt and Zannnie

Leif Hagen sa...

Darling picture! Reminds me of my 3 daughters. Ha det sa bra - Hilsen fra Hagen med EAGAN daily photo

Dawn sa...

In the United States the Dandelion is a vile weed. To those of us young at heart, it's a beautiful flower.