søndag 23. mars 2008

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter Sunday, and it is an official flag day in Norway. Here you can see a flag outside the main entrance of the retirement home in Rollag, which is located in Veggli. I was there to visit my grandmother today. :o)

4 kommentarer:

Blue Road sa...

I like a lot Norway, there have been and I hope to return soon because it is a country that I love and I like a lot indeed.

Rambling Round sa...

A lot of places around the world are having white Easters.

Anonym sa...

Nydelig bilde... :)

Så fint å se fra Veggli igjen, der er det jammen lenge siden jeg har vært. :)

Cuentos sa...

It is a beautiful capture. Nice colors, also.
Saludos, Mariana C.