lørdag 15. mars 2008


This new daily photo blog will show you pictures from Rollag, a small municipality in the county of Buskerud in Norway. Right now I don't live in Rollag my self. I live in Oslo, but one day I will move back to Rollag, which is where I grew up. Even though I don't live here now, I do spend some weekends and vacations here, and I do have a lot of pictures. So there will be no problem to make this blog a daily photo blog. :o)

The blog will mostly contain pictures of the beautiful nature in Rollag, but occasionally there will also be buildings, happenings and other stuff too among the pictures.

This first picture shows you the river a sunny day in February.

Some more information about Rollag:

The municipality lies in the heart of the Numedal valley, the westernmost valley in south-eastern Norway. The river Numedalslågen flows through Rollag and into the Ytre Oslofjord at Larvik.

Rollag has circa 1400 inhabitants. The civic center is the village of Rollag, but there is another village in the municipality too, called Veggli. Rollag is bordered in the north by Nore og Uvdal, in the east by Sigdal, in the south by Flesberg, and in the west by Tinn and the county of Telemark.

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Hvorfor bor det bare gærninger i Rollag.

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