mandag 31. mars 2008


This little fellow is lucky to live close to my grandparents. Food for free - every day! ;o)

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Rambling Round sa...

Great photo of a very fortunate squirrel.

Gwyn sa...

Greetings from Juneau, Alaska!
It's interesting to see the differences in our squirrels.
Stay Warm,

Gramma Ann sa...

Hello from Marengo, Iowa, USA. I was just blog surfing when I came across your blogspots. The pictures are lovely. I have already bookmarked you. So will be visiting often;)

art reproductions sa...

What an absolute cute picture! I have about 6 in my yard, but they are not that cooperative for photos.

Stormel sa...

Thanks too all of you!

Gwyn: I think yours is so cute with that white spot around its eyes! :o)

Gramma ann: Thank you for bookmarking me! I really appreciate that! :o)

Lothiane sa...

Åh så nydelig liten fyr, da! (øh.. eller jente, hva vet jeg.) Sjelden å få dem på så nært hold, det er gøy. :)