lørdag 17. mai 2008


Happy Birthday, Norway! :o)

Today is May 17th! The Norwegian Constitution Day, and all over Norway, children's parades with flags and banners have formed the central elements of the celebration. :o)

Today was the coldest May 17th in 50 years in this part of Norway. Its been a cold, snowy and rainy day in Rollag. Notice how the new snow covers the hill behind the parade! Brrrr...

My aunt took this picture of the children's parade in Veggli.

2 kommentarer:

Small City Scenes sa...

Yay for parades. Too bad it was so wet and cold. We have had one of the coldest and wetest Springs for a long time and then today was very warm. The weather is so unpredictable. MB

Lothiane sa...

Very nice, Stormel! Stormel's aunt, I mean. :D

I've been to Veggli several times on my way to our cottage in the mountain. It's been some years now, though.