tirsdag 20. mai 2008

Snow on Vrågå ll

Another picture from my Dad. :o)

I am going to Italy tomorrow, and will not be able to post for some days. But I'll be back next week - see you then! :o)

3 kommentarer:

Kris McCracken sa...

You better be careful, he’s posting some great shots! He’ll steal all of your visitors! :)

Sailor Girl sa...

You should check my Lisbon CDPB blog (Atlântico Azul) and watch all the pictures I took to Their Majesties the King and Queen of Norway and to their Royal Yacht «NORGE», since 26th May!!!!

Best regards, from sunny Lisbon!

Stormel sa...

Kris: You are absolutely right - I have to be careful! But as long as he puts his pictures on my blog it's alright ;o)

Sailor girl: I will check out your blog now! :o)