torsdag 26. juni 2008


About 37 percent of the surface area in Norway is covered by forest. The total forested area amounts to 12 million hectares, including 7 million hectares of productive forest. 15 percent of the productive forest has been estimated as non-economic operational areas due to difficult terrain and long distance transport, which means that economical forestry may only be operated in 50 percent of the forested area. The most important species are Norway spruce (47%), Scots pine (33%) and birch (18%).

Read more about the Norwegian forest here.

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Anonym sa...

I like your blog, th country spirit of it!!

Bonjour du Québec!

Kris McCracken sa...

I wouldn't want to be the one driving that truck! Or driving behind that truck, for that matter!

Stormel sa...

Thank you, Omami! :o)

Kris: I'm glad I don't have to drive that one too ;o)