mandag 2. juni 2008

Julehuset - The Christmas House

In Rollag you can find the farm shop "Julehuset gaver og hobby". They sell arts and crafts made in Numedal, and of course trolls and "nisser" (small alves, the traditional Norwegian Santa Claus).

They are usually open every day - even in the summer! And these funny alves are sitting on the stair to welcome the customers! :o)

2 kommentarer:

Hilda sa...

I think they're adorable! I love Christmas decorations that are more true to a country's myths and legends than the ultra-cute animated fluff which we see all over. These are so much more interesting.

Anonym sa...

Hehe, stilig. :) Oppe året rundt, jul hele tida. *bli sprø* Nei, det får holde at jeg drømmer om julemaset. ;) Rart vi posta om dette begge to!