onsdag 18. juni 2008

The grocery store

This is the entrance to the grocery store in Rollag - a small, but very nice grocery store! :o)

4 kommentarer:

Kris McCracken sa...

I hope that they sell roll mops there!

Stormel sa...

I really don't know...what is roll mop?

Kris McCracken sa...

Rollmops are pickled herring fillets rolled into a tube shape around a piece of pickled cucumber or an onion, held together with a wooden skewer.

I know a few Germans who buy them ready-to-eat in jars. Rollmops can be eaten cold, without unrolling, or on bread. After the jar has been opened, rollmops will usually keep for 2-3 weeks if kept cool.

I had assumed that Norwegians ate them too, but I could be wrong because I have only met one and I never asked!

Stormel sa...

Interesting! But I don't remember seeing anything like that...maybe somebody else does?