lørdag 23. august 2008

Rangifer tarandus

Can you see the herd of reindeers? :o)

tirsdag 19. august 2008

Early in the morning

This picture of the small lake called Butjønn was taken sunday morning at 6.15. I missed the best part of the sunrise, but this was kind of nice too. ;o)

mandag 18. august 2008


Another picture of the lake called Fiskeløysen. :o)

søndag 17. august 2008


A beautiful moonlight over the lake Fiskeløysen friday night. :o)

onsdag 13. august 2008


The Harebell (Campanula rotundifolia), or "blåklokke" as we call it in Norway. Blåklokke means Bluebell.

tirsdag 12. august 2008

lørdag 9. august 2008

lørdag 2. august 2008

fredag 1. august 2008