tirsdag 29. mai 2012

onsdag 21. september 2011

torsdag 23. juni 2011

tirsdag 29. mars 2011

lørdag 26. mars 2011

Kongeørn ( Golden eagle)

Observed in Veggli 26.03.2011

fredag 18. mars 2011

søndag 13. mars 2011

Stasjonsfruene II

Stasjonsfruene cafe as seen from the inside. This is from one of the quiz nights in January. More than 60 people attended that night. :o)

lørdag 12. mars 2011


Three happy ladies launched "Stasjonsfruene" (the station wives) cafe in the old railway station in Rollag just before Christmas. It's open four days a week, and the place is very popular. I was there today and ate a delicious homemade chicken soup! :o)

søndag 16. januar 2011

lørdag 1. januar 2011

mandag 27. desember 2010

onsdag 15. desember 2010


It is time for baking christmas cakes.

mandag 29. november 2010

lørdag 30. oktober 2010

lørdag 16. oktober 2010

tirsdag 12. oktober 2010

First snow

The first snow feels very cold, but looks good though. :o)

søndag 19. september 2010

lørdag 18. september 2010

A foggy day

Last Friday at Fiskeløysen was foggy :o)

onsdag 15. september 2010

søndag 5. september 2010

"Høna" på Nordmannskjørkja , Votnedalen

This big "hen" is on top of a small hill in Votnedalen , Vegglifjell. A beautiful place for a sunday picnic .

onsdag 18. august 2010

A unique kind of accommodation!

Ten farms in Rollag, Numedal have come together to offer an exclusive and unique accommodation option – “Stabbursnatt”. The first “landscape hotel” in – “The World’s Smallest Hotel Chain”

Stabbursnatt aims to create distinctive and / exclusive accommodation and a high quality experience. Numedal is renowned for its stabburs, but few people have had the opportunity to stay overnight in one of these fine old buildings. We want to give you the opportunity to experience the special, historic ambiance of these traditional store- and bed houses
.....read more. 


tirsdag 10. august 2010

Eurasian Three-toed woodpecker, Tretåspett.

This bird is rarly seen in our part of Norway. I took this picture at ca 850 moh. on Vegglifjell. 

tirsdag 27. juli 2010

søndag 18. juli 2010

torsdag 8. juli 2010

Steinskvett , Northern Weatear

I observed this bird on ca 850 moh.  This is a female.

onsdag 7. juli 2010

onsdag 30. juni 2010

tirsdag 29. juni 2010

Loves me, loves me not...

Summer is daisies! :o)

mandag 28. juni 2010

Midsummer party II

Another picture from the midsummer party. :o)

søndag 27. juni 2010

Midsummer party

Last night there was a midsummer party in Rollag center. At least 150 people showed up to barbeque and have fun! Thanks to those who arranged the party, a great initiative!! I'm already looking forward to the party next summer! :o)

søndag 13. juni 2010

søndag 6. juni 2010

Mountain flowers

Today's picture is borrowed from Mormor - thank you! :o) 

She has been hiking in the mountain this weekend, and found lots of these pink little flowers. In Norway we call them grepplyng, but I'm not sure what they are called in English. Maybe "heathers" is a right name to use? In Latin it's Loiseleuria procumbens.

The small lakes in the background are called Åklivatna. 

mandag 24. mai 2010

Waterfalls in spring

When all the snow in the maountain are melting the waterfalls become huge.

søndag 23. mai 2010

lørdag 22. mai 2010

Evening picture

Still there is snow at Senhovd and when the rain and the sun come at the same time a beautiful rainbow appered in the sky.

fredag 21. mai 2010

Rosenfink (Corpodacus erythrinus)

This bird is not often seen in my part of the country. 

torsdag 20. mai 2010

Old school

Another picture from Rollag Bygdetun...this is inside the old school.

onsdag 19. mai 2010


This is the entrance to Rollag local museum (Rollag Bygdetun). The museum is located in picturesque surroundings with Rollag stave church as one of the closest neighbours. The museum consists 13 buildings around a wide courts, which are typical for this part of the valley. 

fredag 14. mai 2010

Daphne mezereum

I found this Mezereon (Tysbast in Norwegian) in the wood yesterday. 

It's a very beautiful flower, with a very nice scent. But it's also very toxic! If poisoned, victims experience a choking sensation. Handling the fresh twigs can cause rashes and eczema in sensitive individuals. Despite this, it is also commonly grown as an ornamental plant in gardens for its attractive flowers. 

So look, but do not touch! :o)