mandag 24. mai 2010

Waterfalls in spring

When all the snow in the maountain are melting the waterfalls become huge.

søndag 23. mai 2010

lørdag 22. mai 2010

Evening picture

Still there is snow at Senhovd and when the rain and the sun come at the same time a beautiful rainbow appered in the sky.

fredag 21. mai 2010

Rosenfink (Corpodacus erythrinus)

This bird is not often seen in my part of the country. 

torsdag 20. mai 2010

Old school

Another picture from Rollag Bygdetun...this is inside the old school.

onsdag 19. mai 2010


This is the entrance to Rollag local museum (Rollag Bygdetun). The museum is located in picturesque surroundings with Rollag stave church as one of the closest neighbours. The museum consists 13 buildings around a wide courts, which are typical for this part of the valley. 

fredag 14. mai 2010

Daphne mezereum

I found this Mezereon (Tysbast in Norwegian) in the wood yesterday. 

It's a very beautiful flower, with a very nice scent. But it's also very toxic! If poisoned, victims experience a choking sensation. Handling the fresh twigs can cause rashes and eczema in sensitive individuals. Despite this, it is also commonly grown as an ornamental plant in gardens for its attractive flowers. 

So look, but do not touch! :o)

torsdag 13. mai 2010

Blåveis ( Hepatica nobilis )

A early spring flower.

onsdag 12. mai 2010

"Russ of honor"

Every year young Norwegian students graduate high-school and they call them selves "RUSS" . They party and celebrate that 3 years of high-school finally is over ! And every year they appoint a "Russ of honor". 
This year the students at Numedal Videregående skole  appointed the Cafeteria lady at school.
 She got a big red "Russe-hat " and this picture . 

tirsdag 11. mai 2010

Elg in springtime

She needs a long warm summer to get her fur back in shape again.