tirsdag 30. september 2008

Moosehunting lll

I shot this moose today. It is the fifth moose that I have shot during the 15 years I have been hunting. :o)

søndag 28. september 2008

Moosehunting ll

One of the three moose we shot Thursday, the dog who found it, and the hunter who shot it.

lørdag 27. september 2008


Thursday 25th of September is the first day of the moosehunting, and the day this picture was shot. The picture shows a part of the area where my team hunts. Three moose were shot the first day as well. I will post some moosepictures another day. :o)

lørdag 20. september 2008

Challenge race

A challenge race passed through Rollag today. It's a orienteering race, only instead of running from post to post, they race by cars. And they use antique vehicles. :o)

Photo by: Olaf

torsdag 18. september 2008


Its kind of crowded at the feeder when the Greenfinchs are having a party! ;o)

Photo by: Kari

søndag 14. september 2008

Eurasian Sparrowhawk

My aunt shot this picture of this Eurasian Sparrowhawk who has been visiting her several times the last week. :o)

torsdag 4. september 2008


Calluna - the Norwegian national flower. :o)

onsdag 3. september 2008