lørdag 31. januar 2009

A beautiful wintersday

A lot of snow, minus 15 degrees , blue sky and sun . A beautiful Norwegian winter in Veggli.

fredag 23. januar 2009


The natures own art. Picture taken on Vegglifjell yesterday in the "blue hour". The hour in the evening when the light is kind of blue...

torsdag 22. januar 2009

Snow is fun!

Everybody can play in the snow !!

lørdag 17. januar 2009

Winter landscape

Photo by: Kari

mandag 12. januar 2009

Lovely view

Photo by: Kari

søndag 11. januar 2009


Branches and clouds at the blue sky behind sometimes make nice patterns together. :o)

søndag 4. januar 2009

Winter art

It's cold outside, and the winter is making art on the windows! :o)

torsdag 1. januar 2009

Theme day: Best photo of 2008

I don't know if this is our best picture, but we choosed it to represent 2008, because it was the picture that got most comments on this blog during 2008.

We would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year!