onsdag 18. august 2010

A unique kind of accommodation!

Ten farms in Rollag, Numedal have come together to offer an exclusive and unique accommodation option – “Stabbursnatt”. The first “landscape hotel” in – “The World’s Smallest Hotel Chain”

Stabbursnatt aims to create distinctive and / exclusive accommodation and a high quality experience. Numedal is renowned for its stabburs, but few people have had the opportunity to stay overnight in one of these fine old buildings. We want to give you the opportunity to experience the special, historic ambiance of these traditional store- and bed houses
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tirsdag 10. august 2010

Eurasian Three-toed woodpecker, Tretåspett.

This bird is rarly seen in our part of Norway. I took this picture at ca 850 moh. on Vegglifjell.